Pekin Sports Booster Propose a New PantherPlex Multiuse Facility

At Monday’s Pekin School Board meeting, the board heard from a representative of the Pekin Sports Boosters who asked the board’s approval to start a fundraising campaign for a capital project tentatively called Panther Plex. This would be a 100X130 multipurpose building that would be attached to the existing weight room. Initial estimates for the building is approximately $1 million. The proposed building would be completed in phases, with phase 1 being to get the building up in the next year. Phase two would be to outfit the building, which would be done in year 2, additional expansion with locker rooms and other amenities would be done in a third phase beyond year three.  The Pekin School Board did take any action on the proposal, and will address it at a future work session and board meeting.