Westrich On Board With HF532, Cardinal Among Districts Who Would Benefit Most

House File 532 is a bill that passed the Iowa House recently with a bipartisan vote of 71 to 26. The bill would provide financial relief for School Districts who held in-person learning this past Fall semester. The legislation if passed would be for $27M overall to be spread out over those districts.

Cardinal Superintendent Joel Pederson spoke with KMCD/Classic 96 news recently regarding his Districts robust attendance since the beginning of the School year utilizing the face to face model, that is significant for Cardinal as the relief funds would be based off of the number of days classes were held using the in person model.

District 81 Iowa House Representative and Republican Cherielynn Westrich of Ottumwa is on board with the bill citing the additional cost of personal protective equipment and staffing expenses that those Districts incurred. Ottumwa is another District who held in person this past Fall. 

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