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USDA Releases Breakdown Of Latest Crop Report

The USDA has released a breakdown of its latest Crop Report. Iowa farmers look to plant 13.2 million acres of corn for all purposes in 2021. That’s down 400,000 acres from 2020. Producers intend to plant 9.8 million acres of soybeans – 400,000 acres more than last year.

About 150,000 acres of oats are expected to be planted, also a decrease from last year. The totals come from a survey of nearly 2,800 Iowa farmers.

Corn stored in all positions in Iowa totaled 1.39 billion bushels, down 8% from March 2020. 56% was stored on the farm.

Soybeans totaled 255 million bushels, that’s 37% below last year’s number with 37% stored on farms.

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