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USDA Announces Free Meals To Continue Through June Of 2022

In March of 2020 free breakfast and lunches were made available to all children 2-18 years of age in the Fairfield Community School District as the Covid shutdown began to take place. This has continued on since in person classes have resumed and it was announced by the USDA this week that Schools may continue to offer the free meals through June of 2022 with some added flexibility, such as alternative pick-up options.

Income requirements that would normally need to be met by families no longer exist after the USDA backed off restrictions during the height of the pandemic.

The amount schools are reimbursed for each meal served is also expected to increase. As of early January the district was reimbursed $30 each time a student took a meal. It’s not yet known what that new figure will be. Also don’t forget to sign up for the free grab and go meals for Virtual, Pre-School, non-schooled, & non-school aged children 2-18 years old. Pick up is normally Monday’s from 5-6 pm at the Fairfield Middle School. under Departments > Food Service and click the appropriate link to fill out the order form.

Any questions? Please contact Food Service at (641) 472-2655 ext. 6703 or [email protected]

Forms need to be filled out completely and must be submitted buy 9pm Sundays.

(Photo Of Fairfield Food Service Team In Action)

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