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Today is Nationwide Great American Smokeout, Numbers On Jefferson County Youths Vary

Each year on the third Thursday in November, the American Cancer Society sponsors the Great American Smokeout. This is an annual social engineering event to encourage Americans to stop tobacco smoking. The Great American Smokeout challenges smokers to quit cigarettes for 24 hours with the hopes that this decision will continue forever. In Iowa students participate in the ISTEP program which stands for Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention, a statewide youth-led organization focused on ending tobacco in Iowa. This along with school led health class initiatives, the numbers of students in 11th grade or earlier in Jefferson county who have smoked a cigarette is at 6.9% which is under the state average of 7.1%. Most concerning is the number of 11th graders or younger who have tried an E cigarette or vape pen, that number is 18.4% compared to 9.1% across the state according to the state’s Tobacco Prevention Center. 

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