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Tensions Heightened As Mask Mandate Is Topic Of Discussion At Fairfield City Council Meeting

The Fairfield City Council met in a regular session on Monday night where tensions seemed to run a bit high at times as mask mandates in particular at Fairfield Park & Rec were at the height of discussion. Park & Rec Director Calvin Todd informed the Council that his advisory Board recommended that a policy requiring mask use at the facility continue until the 60 and older population in the County had been approximately 50% vaccinated against the virus.

Many residents opposed to the policy showed up without wearing masks to voice their displeasure, Councilman Doug Flournoy who was undoubtedly in support of eliminating the policy said the Council police’s the policies of the entire city. This was in reference to department heads in charge of their building or office having the authority to maintain those policies without being overridden by the council. Council members Michael Halley and Katy Anderson felt doing such would be setting a precedent they would rather not.

Dr. Terry Cochrane who sits on the park and rec advisory Board said around 1/4 of the members at park and rec are 60 and older, many private donors of past projects that required significant funding. He said by eliminating the mask mandate now before immunizations reach a critical threshold, they’re not making it safe for 1/4 of the population that utilizes it and that to him as a physician is totally unacceptable.

A public hearing on the topic has been set for the next council meeting Monday March 22nd at 7pm. Certain stipulations on allotted time and presentation will be announced  in the near future.

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