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“Supporters” Partner With GJCF To Provide Funding For New EMist Disinfectant Sprayer At FACC

Greater Jefferson County Foundation Keeps FACC Clean

FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Arts and Convention Center is committed to keeping staff and patrons safe and healthy during the pandemic. Recently that commitment got a boost from the Greater
Jefferson County Foundation and the 501(c)3 non-profit, “Supporters of the FACC.”

The “Supporters” (formerly known as the “Friends of FACC”) partnered with the GJCF to provide the funds to purchase an EMist Disinfectant Sprayer, allowing FACC to do their own sanitizing of the facility before and after gatherings in the space.

The performing arts and events center had opened for small to mid-sized gatherings in late fall of 2020 after partnering with local agency, Casler Cleaning, to provide sanitation services in the
building. “While we have appreciated our partnership with Casler, owning our own sanitation equipment allows us to continue to minimize costs while still maintaining safe conditions for our staff and guests,” says Lindsay Bauer, the newly instated Executive Director of FACC.

Due to the high demand of these units, used by health providers, airlines, and other public facilities, the waiting list to receive an EMist Disinfectant Sprayer was months long. The sprayer is designed to apply statically charged mini-droplets of sanitizer in a comprehensive, efficient treatment that fully covers even hard to reach areas, like the under- and backsides of surfaces.

This patented technology, combined with effective ventilation systems, provides powerful, proven, safe sanitation coverage to minimize and even eliminate cross-contamination of dangerous pathogens. In addition to requiring masks and implementing new capacity limits to accommodate social distancing, the new EMist system is now being used throughout the building before and after meetings and gatherings to ensure a clean and safe environment for staff and visitors to the facility. Facilities Manager Norma VanCamp received training on the safest and most effective
practices for utilizing the new equipment and is now able to oversee regular sanitation procedures.

“Supporters” Secretary Suzan Kessel comments, “The Supporters of the FACC is so excited to have helped get this equipment for our Center—and it wouldn’t have been possible without this
grant from GJCF. The Foundation continues to serve the needs of our community and we thank them in this especially difficult year.”

(Pictured is FACC Facilities Manager Norma VanCamp as she performs sanitation after a recent GPAEA Superintendents meeting.)

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