State Files Resistance Against Willard Millers Motion For A Continuance In Trial
Courtesy of Kyle Ocker

Willard Miller has requested a continuance of his trial, but the State has responded with a motion in opposition.  According to the state a busy schedule is, alone, not a basis for a continuance. “Both prosecutors have extremely busy and full schedules as well…The defense either knew about these matters and agreed to the March 20th, trial date or scheduled these matters with the knowledge they had already scheduled the trial.”

The state adds “In determining whether a continuance should be granted, the Court should also consider the time and effort to not only rearrange the lawyers’ and Court’s schedules but those of the witnesses and the family who will be in attendance. Travel plans and conflicts have to be resolved for them also in order to make a continuance possible.”

The first two weeks of August would be the next available dates for trial, according to the state, if the trial date is pushed back. This Friday at 1:15 PM, Judge Shawn Showers will hear the defense and prosecution’s arguments in the Jefferson County Courthouse. Only online video of the hearing is available. Miller’s trial is scheduled for March 20th.