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Southside Shootout Suspects Learn Their Fate As Sentences Are Handed Down

Ottumwa Southside shootout suspects and co-defendants Michael Paul Bibby and Dalton Cook learned their fate on Monday after their sentences were handed down. Bibby was ordered to serve 60 years and Cook 35 for their roles in a robbery gone bad and subsequent shootout with police near Liberty Elementary in Ottumwa back in August of 2018. The two men were initially charged with 10 counts of attempted murder before the judge presiding over the trial dismissed 8 of the 10 attempted murder charges against both individuals.

In the end, Bibby was found guilty of one count of attempted murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and willful injury. He avoided the second count of attempted murder and was instead convicted on a lesser charge of assault with intent to cause serious injury. Cook avoided both counts of attempted murder and instead was found guilty of assault with intent to cause serious injury through joint criminal conduct, first-degree robbery, first degree burglary and willful injury, all as an aider and abettor. Their accomplices, Tiffany McNeal, the accused getaway driver pled guilty as part of a plea deal and avoided jail time. David Roy White of Fairfield was killed in the gunfire exchange with authorities.

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