September Wet Month For The State, About Average In Fairfield

Last month was the 15th wettest September on record for Iowa, removing all drought designations from the state, according to the latest Water Summary Update.  While these conditions are good for the overall water supply as Iowa heads into the winter, continued saturated soils continue to make the state vulnerable to flooding conditions should fall rains become more pronounced. Statewide average rainfall totaled 6.17 inches, or 2.79 inches above normal, tying 1887 for the 15th wettest September on record. Precipitation totals for the month varied from 2.44 inches at Sheldon to nearly 14 inches in Dubuque. Here in Fairfield we received 3.83 inches last month, just above the average of 3.78. Just under half of that came on September 22nd as the sky opened up and dropped 1.67 inches. 

Iowa temperatures averaged 68.2 degrees, or 5 degrees above normal, making this September the ninth warmest on record. The highest September temperature was recorded at 93 degrees throughout south central Iowa. Estherville reported the month’s lowest temperature of 41 degrees, only 2 degrees below average. In Fairfield we reached a high of 90 on September 13th, the average normal high is 64.6. The low was 48.9 back on September 5th, just above the average normal low of 48.4.  

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