Residents Can Soon Apply For LIHEAP And WAP

With the cold winter months set to be upon us, residents can soon apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or (LIHEAP) and Weatherization Assistance Program both of which are federally funded and administered by the Iowa Department of Human Rights Division of Community Action Agencies in Iowa. Eligibility for both programs is based on household size and income. Each year, LIHEAP-qualified households may receive a one-time payment to assist with their household heating costs, regardless of heating fuel type. The Weatherization program provides long-term financial relief by improving energy efficiency in homes and educating utility customers about their energy use and methods to reduce consumption. 

The annual application period runs from November 1st through April 30th, with early applications accepted during October for households with a member that is either disabled or at least 60 years old. Once an applicant has qualified for either program, the utility is notified and the applicant is eligible for protection from disconnection of energy utility service during Iowa’s annual winter disconnection moratorium between November 1st and April 1st. The LIHEAP payment is made directly to the utility or heating fuel vendor. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

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