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Recount In Jefferson County Leads To 2 Vote Swing In Hart’s Favor, However Miller-Meeks Maintains 6 Vote Lead

After a recount was concluded in Clinton County, the last of 24 to report its results, Republican candidate Marianette Miller-Meeeks has just a six vote lead in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. The race will help determine the size of Democrats’ majority in the House of Representatives. The legal deadline and the state canvassing board is expected to meet to certify the results of the race in which more than 394,000 Iowans voted.

Here in Jefferson County the recount Board added one vote to Hart’s total while subtracting one from Miller-Meeks.

The Auditor’s office said that the machines did their job reading the votes as they should, however the hand recount showed voter intent, such as a check mark next to the candidates name, on 2 of the ballots.

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