Pulaski Woman Convicted Of Credit Card Fraud By Jefferson County Jury

A Davis County woman has been convicted of credit card fraud in a Jefferson County court following a two day criminal trial. Jamie Gust of Pulaski was found guilty of the class ‘D” felony after evidence and testimony was presented that showed Gust had obtained identification information from a person who she was staying with as that person recovered from an unrelated serious injury. Gust then used that information to fraudulently open a credit card account in the name of the victim. The Defendant then had the card and statements sent to a P.O. Box in her name, in order to prevent the discovery of the account. This account remained open, active, and undetected for approximately two years, and was not discovered until Gust stopped making payments on the card and the account was sent to collections, substantially damaging the credit history of the victim and alerting him to the fraud. The jury deliberated for approximately twenty minutes prior to reaching a unanimous verdict. Sentencing is scheduled for December 9th. A Class-D felony is punishable by up to five years and a fine between $750 and $7,500. 


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