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Ottumwa Woman Accused Of Killing Daughter Receives 5 Year Sentence

Kelsie Thomas, the Ottumwa woman accused of killing her daughter in the summer of 2018 was handed a 5 year prison sentence in a Wapello County Court this week by Judge Lucy Gammon. Back in mid September Thomas and her defense team were denied a motion of double Jeopardy in an attempt to have the case thrown out before it could go back to trial. This past Spring the Jury deadlocked on a 1st degree murder charge, however, she was acquitted of child endangerment charges resulting in the death of 5 year old Chloe Chandler. Although she avoided the first-degree murder charge, she was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Thomas’ attorneys later filed a motion, asking Judge Gamon to clarify whether Thomas’ actions warranted a felony or misdemeanor conviction. Judge Gamon later issued her clarification, ruling that Thomas is guilty of the felony count.

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