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Ottumwa Man Accused Of Robbing Pair Of Banks Expected To Plead Guilty Today(Mon)

A Southeast Iowa man accused of robbing a pair of banks in the summer of 2018 is expected to plead guilty as part of a plea deal in a Jefferson County Court sometime this afternoon. Ethan Spray of Ottumwa is accused of robbing the Pilot Grove savings bank in Packwood at gunpoint. He is also accused of robbing the South Ottumwa Savings Bank branch in Hedrick as well. Spray is facing first degree robbery charges in each case. If no plea deal is reached in the Hedrick robbery, he is scheduled to appear in Court for a pre-trial conference in December. Two  men accused of assisting in the robberies have both pled not guilty and demanded speedy trials. Ross Thornton of Hedrick and Jordan Crawford of Mount Pleasant were arrested this past summer and charged with aiding and abetting first degree robbery, a class “B” felony. The two are expected to go to trial in December and both face up to 25 years in prison if convicted. Both men also served time for robbing the exact same bank in Packwood back in 2007. They are expected to be tried separately.

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