News From Van Buren County Supervisors Meeting

The Van Buren County Board Of Supervisors met in a regular session on Monday morning where they discussed funded activities for the County Emergency Relief Food Program. Chris Bowers, Executive Director for Area 15 Regional Planning Commission, gave a brief review about the community development block grant that had been awarded by the Iowa Economic Development Authority to the Keosauqua Community Food Bank to support infectious disease response to the coronavirus pandemic. The grant was awarded May of last year in the amount of $6,727. The funds were used by the Food Bank, to continue operating existing food programs including the Emergency Relief Food Program, Snack-In-A-Sack Program, and to provide food vouchers for eggs, milk, and bread which were not originally offered by the food bank. The Board voted at the end of the discussion to send an invoice seeking reimbursement for the funds that will go to the food bank.  

Also at the meeting the board authorized the chairman to sign a letter to be sent, along with all required documentation, to the Iowa DNR which recommends approval of the Hill View Dairy’s construction permit application for a new CAFO. A meeting was held with Bert Noll from the DNR to review the site where the new confinement building is to be built, and the site topography will prevent escape of waste to reach the nearest running water source.

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