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New Unemployment Claims Were Up Last Week Of December

New and continuing unemployment claims in Iowa increased the week of Dec. 27, with continuing claims reaching their highest point since October. New claims rose from 7,141 to 8,236. Continuing claims jumped from 38,023 to 43,901. According to Iowa Workforce Development, about 68.6 percent of claims were not related to coronavirus, which was down from 70.6 percent in the previous week.

It resulted in $12.9 million in standard unemployment benefits, $6.3 million in Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and $4.1 million in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Iowa Workforce Development is awaiting federal guidance before issuing Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefits, and  anticipates the guidance arriving in the “next few weeks,” according to a news release. Local county by county number will not be released for another 2 weeks. November’s unemployment rate for Jefferson County was 3.2% down from October’s 3.6%.

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