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Man Who Led Police On High Speed Chase In Jefferson County Arrested Along With Richland Woman

A former Eldon man and fugitive who took authorities on a high speed chase throughout Jefferson County last year, while in possession of meth, was taken into custody recently after he and a Richland woman were arrested on drug charges as a result of a traffic stop. 25 year old Derek Lankford, now of Ottumwa was the passenger of the vehicle being driven by 28 year old Rachael Johnson of Richland when the pair were stopped in Ottumwa.

A K-9 sniff led to the discovery of meth and three different types of prescription drugs belonging to Johnson. 8 Zip lock bags containing meth, a scale, packing material and marijuana were also discovered and believed to be Lankford’s. 

He was also wanted, as he left the Ottumwa Residential Facility in late February without authorization while serving a sentence for separate offenses. You may recall, last August he fled a traffic stop in Fairfield at a high rate of speed, heading North of Brookville Road topping out at speeds of over 100 MPH, eventually losing control of the vehicle and crashing near Brookville and Packwood Roads in Jefferson County.

His new charges include escape from custody, possession of a controlled substance–third or subsequent offense, controlled substance violation and failure to affix a drug tax stamp. Johnson was charged with failure to affix a drug tax stamp, possession of a controlled substance and three counts of controlled substance violation.

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