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Local Pharmacies Doing Their Part As Vaccine Waiting Lists Grow

Through their partnership with Jefferson County Public Health. Summit Pharmacy in Fairfield has been able to vaccinate just over 300 people. Their current waiting list is for eligible patients, specifically people 65 and older, with approximately 525 people currently on that list.

Summit have made recent updates on our website to allow for people to add their names to the list. Visit to add your name to our list. At their location they have also added a medsafe where you can dispose of your unused or unwanted medications where they will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way free of charge.

As you receive vaccination it is requested that you call the other locations you have signed up with and let them know. This would help all local pharmacies work through the lists better.
If you would like to sign up or remove your name from our waiting list here are the best ways to do it: Call Summit at 641-472-7987 and let them know or leave a voicemail. Visit their website – and fill out your information. Simply put a note at the end or in the address line asking to be removed from their list.

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