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Libertyville Man Accused Of Burning His Home To The Ground Charged With Insurance Fraud & 2nd Degree Arson

A Libertyville man has been arrested and charged with Arson in the Second Degree and Insurance Fraud relating to a fire at his Libertyville property this past October. It is alleged that Lucas Anthony McCoy removed personal property from the residence, then created the conditions for a fire to start, and to eventually engulf the home. The fire, located at 2437 Indigo Blvd resulted in a complete loss to the residence.

McCoy, a former volunteer firefighter, had allegedly made past statements to others describing the manner in which he could burn his home in such a way as to create the appearance of an accidental fire. Subsequent investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office discovered items which had been claimed by McCoy on an insurance policy as destroyed by fire, to in fact have been removed from the home prior to it burning.

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