Legislators Discuss School Choice Bill At Legislative Forum
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Early Saturday morning three legislators came to Fairfield for a legislative forum to discuss key issues the Iowa House and Senate are discussing at the state level. Chief among these issues is Governor Reynolds’s controversial school choice bill. During the forum, legislators from Senate District 41, House District 88, and House District 87 shared their opinions on this bill. 

According to the legislators, this bill will be able to level the playing field for all students. Allowing any student to choose to go to a private school. However, some attendees of the forum worry that this will harm our school public school districts in the long run. Something Senate district 41 Representative Adrian Dickey believes is a misconception.  Dickey stated that “if a public school will lose a student to a private school, they will still be getting approximately $10,000 in other revenue plus an additional $1,200 from the state for a total of around $12,000 to not teach the students.”

Dickey also estimates that the bill will bring the Fairfield School district $151,200 in new funds. According to House District 87 Representative Jeff Shipley, there are issues within the bill. Including the language and the bill also having a lot of room for amendments. 

If you would like to contact a representative regarding Governor Reynolds’s school choice bill or any other bill currently within the House or Senate, a link to their contact information can be found here. www.legis.iowa.gov