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Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office To Conduct Compliance Checks As Part Of I-Pledge Program

Once again this year the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is teaming up with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division for Tobacco, Alternative Nicotine and Vapor Product Education and Enforcement. This program known as I-Pledge is conducted annually in an effort to keep the products mentioned out of the hands of Jefferson County Youth. The program mainly places emphasis on retailer training. Those clerks who successfully complete an online training course, then pass the exam become I-pledge certified. If the clerk were to then make an illegal sale, the establishment could in turn use this as an affirmative defense against a civil penalty. 

Jefferson County Sheriff Bart Richmond said that “The training is a great way for clerks to prepare themselves to refuse illegal sale of those tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor product sales.”

Richmond added that “The training also assists retailers to ensure they maintain a compliant and responsible establishment.”

Locally Jefferson County Deputies will also be conducting compliance checks, using underage teens under their supervision to attempt to make product purchases. Those who make an illegal sale will be cited on the spot.

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