Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Shares Information On New Weapon Permit Law

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office wanted to share some basic information about the new House File 756 Iowa’s New Weapon Permit Law signed by Governor Reynolds in early April and goes into effect July 1st.

The bill Removes permit requirements for purchase and transfer of handguns, and for carrying.

Permits will still be available with no changes in the permit issuance process.

The FFL may still accept permits for handgun purchases and an NICS check will be conducted in the absence of one.

There is no requirement for a permit for person-to-person transfer of handguns, however you are reminded that it is a Class “D” felony if the transfer of a firearm takes place when the transferring person knows or reasonably should know the recipient is prohibited from possession.

For more information, you can go to the Iowa Department of Public Safety website.

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