Jefferson County Engineer/Assistant Engineer Positions To Be Posted Soon, 5 Year Road Program Tweaked

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met in regular session on Monday morning where they met with County Engineer Scott Cline, who is expected to leave the position by the end of the Fiscal year ending June 30th. The Engineer position along with an Assistant Engineer role are expected to be posted in the near future, possibly by the end of this week. Supervisor Daryn Hamilton will put his previous D.O.T experience to use as he will assist in the interview process. Details of Cline’s departure are not known at this time.

The Board also approved the FY 2022 County Five-Year Program for Secondary Road Department with a few minor changes from what the FY21 plan had from last year. The removal of the 32nd Street overlay and adding Libertyville PC patching in its place is probably the most noticeable difference in the plan.

Also with the tuckpointing project nearing its conclusion, the board will be accepting bids for landscaping duties on the Courthouse property.


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