Jefferson County Board Of Supervisors Cover 2021 Formalities

The Jefferson County Board Of Supervisors met in a regular session on Monday morning where they covered several beginning of the year formalities including the selection of Dee Sandquist as Chair and Newly elected Supervisor Susie Drish as Vice-Chair.

The 8:30am meeting time on Monday mornings will stay the same. Weekly office hours for the Supervisors will be flexible as only one can be in office at a time. The Board also approved County Compensation Commission Board Members for 2021, with one tentative change to be made.

The weed Commissioner position was discussed once again as the board plans to enter negotiations with R.U.S.S. The board budgets $3,000 for the position annually, R.U.S.S recently put in a request to assume duties at an annual fee of $3,500.  

(Photo From Previous Meeting) 

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