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JCPH Administrator Chris Estle Talks Vaccine Allocations, Halting Prime Dose Clinics

From the desk of Jefferson County Public Health Administrator Chris Estle:
JCPH is offering a J & J COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Friday, May 07, 2021. Appointments are required, please call 641-472-5929 to schedule. Moderna boost clinics are scheduled throughout May for individuals that previously received their prime dose from JCPH. JCPH has seen a sharp decrease in vaccine demand.
As a county, the weekly allocation remains at 300 doses of Moderna vaccine. Vaccine demand has slowed significantly in the last 2-3 weeks, leaving us with the decision to request redistribution to other counties. Iowa as a state has seen a significant decrease in demand.
As of May 08th JCPH will no longer be offering prime dose COVID-19 vaccine clinics. JCPH continues to allocate vaccine to Summit Pharmacy and Jefferson County Health Center. Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart and NuCara pharmacies continue to receive vaccine from the federal pharmacy program and offer COVID-19 vaccine at their respective locations.
At this time, the fully vaccinated rate in Jefferson County is 27.2%
We can do better than this, Jefferson County!!
Thank-you to all of the individuals that have received the vaccine!!
I am asking all individuals that have not yet received COVID vaccine to get vaccinated, as soon as possible. We all want our lives to “be back to normal.” Our lives are forever changed by this pandemic.
The health of the public, depends on the action of the public!!

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