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JCPH Administrator Chris Estle Provides Covid Vaccine Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Update
Chris Estle RN, BSN, Administrator
Top 12 (subject to change at any time)
1.The demand for COVID-19 vaccine remains greater than the supply.
2. Local public health departments continue to receive small vaccine allocations for their respective counties.


3. Health departments do not know the number of doses or exactly when the doses of vaccine will arrive.

4. We are not currently making appointments in advance, due to the above statements. This makes scheduling very difficult (and frustrating, we understand)

5. Appointments will be made once the vaccine has been delivered to the health department.

6. JCPH has or is in the process of administering approximately 180 vaccinations to individuals 65 and older.

7. Persons aged 65 and older were eligible prior to beginning Phase 1B and will continue to be eligible during any Tier of Phase 1B.

8. Pre-existing conditions are not a higher priority than age, per current guidance.

9. JCPH continues to administer the second dose (booster dose) to the Phase 1A priority group.

10. JCPH understands your concerns and frustrations. We understand individual wants vs. the vaccine guidance. We hear you!

11. We know information continues to change daily and sometimes several times per day.

12. The goal is to be able to share our allocation of vaccine with community partners, however, our next priority will be Phase 1B TIER 1.


A heartfelt thank you, to the members of my health department team, and to the community partners I work with on a daily basis. I would not be able to navigate this response without you.

Thank you, members of our community for being understanding, respectful and supportive during this on-going process.


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