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Funding Still Available For Renters/Homeowners At-Risk Of Eviction Or Foreclosure

Additional CARES Act funds to support Iowa renters and homeowners at-risk of eviction or foreclosure due to a COVID-19-related loss of income are now available. The Iowa Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention program has now been allocated a total of $37.4 million, with approximately $8 million remaining available. The deadline to apply for rent and mortgage assistance as well as utility assistance through the program is Dec. 4th. To date, Nearly 11,000 renters and 500 homeowners have received assistance with their rent or mortgage payments and another 2,800 have applied for utility assistance.  

To be eligible for either program you Must have a documented COVID-19-related loss of income on or after March 17th and the Household income at the time of application may not exceed 80% median family income, which varies by county and household size and is included in the applications. For a full list of eligibility requirements and to apply for either program, visit through the Dec. 4th deadline. 


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