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FMS Students Of The Month November 2019

Each school month, the Fairfield Elks Lodge sponsors the Fairfield Middle School “Students of the Month” award. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge positive contributions of FMS students at school. These positive contributions range from assisting teachers and peers in classroom activities to displaying characteristics as a role model in and out of the classroom. The ‘Students of the Month’ certificates are awarded after a nomination and voting process is completed by each grade level teaching team.

Lydia Cass was chosen for November Student of the Month.  She is a great leader in the classroom with showing good Trojan PRIDE characteristics and helping others to show and make good choices.  She can always be seen with a smile on her face and having a positive attitude to try her best.  Congratulations, Lydia.

Hunter Platt has been nominated as November Student of the Month.  Hunter always contributes to and participates in class discussions and activities. He is always cheerful and pleasant to his classmates and his teacher. Hunter pitches in to help clean up and puts chairs up for those who forgot, and he volunteers to help others learn. He gets along well with others and has a positive attitude! Way to go, Hunter!

The 6th grade team is proud to announce Kayla Karangi as our Student of the Month for November. Kayla is a quiet leader, and works with those who need help around her, even when she isn’t asked to do so. Kayla has a strong work ethic and a passionate desire to learn. Congratulations, Kayla, and keep up the good work! 

The 6th-grade team is pleased to award November Student of the Month to Levi Ennen.  Levi has had a positive attitude towards learning and his work ethic is one of his best attributes. Things are not always easy in 6th grade but he is one that does not give up. If he does not understand something he will always ask for clarification.  Congratulations and keep it up, Levi!
Claire Thompson is the kind of student you can depend on to always have a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She works very hard and sets a great example for her peers. For example, she pays attention and seeks to learn, asking questions to clarify her thinking. Claire is also respectful of everyone. The 7th grade team appreciates her bubbly personality, along with her enthusiasm for the VSCO trend! Congratulations, Claire, on receiving the November Student of the Month Award!

Gwendolynn Sutherland is a great addition to any class, with her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for learning. Gwen has confidence in herself and beliefs, therefore, she is comfortable sharing her perspectives with her peers. In addition to her sense of self, she works hard to understand what she is learning. She even asks great questions to clarify her thinking, which helps her classmates as well. The 7th grade team enjoys Gwen’s sense of humor and the connections she makes with people. Congratulations, Gwen, on receiving the November Student of the Month Award!

The 8th grade team is happy to nominate Matthew Dieter for November Student of the Month. Matthew is consistently a quiet leader. He is always a good role model and with his thoughtfulness, humor, and kindness. Matthew is a friend to all. Keep up the good work, Matthew!

Hayden Smith has consistently demonstrated Trojan PRIDE the entire school year! She is polite and respectful to her peers and teachers, she always gets assignments turned in at a high-quality level, and consistently has a positive attitude. She works well with any student and is a joy to have in class.

The 8th grade team is excited to honor Hayden Smith as the November Student of the Month!


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