Fairfield School District Release Statement About The Incident From Monday Night’s Basketball Game

The Fairfield School District has released the following statement in response to the events that happened at Monday night’s boys basketball game against Iowa City High and the allegation that ICCSD have made against the officials of that game:

In light of some of the publicity and inaccurate reports about the gym environment and police involvement at the Fairfield vs. Iowa City, City High Boys Varsity Basketball game on Monday, January 23, 2023, FCSD is compelled to provide clarification that demonstrates our community values and the happenings that lead to the end of the game.

FCSD supports a safe environment for all, including our competitors. We commend the Fairfield and City High student bodies, athletes, coaches, and staff for demonstrating both of our community values of inclusion, safety, and respect during the game and subsequent events following the game. Despite a charged atmosphere that included the ejections of a coach, spectator, and a player altercation, Fairfield and City High students and fans followed instructions avoiding additional interactions. Fairfield and City High administrators and staff took great care to de-escalate the situation.

FCSD is aware that Iowa City, City High School administration has contacted the Iowa High School Athletic Association regarding allegations surrounding the communication between game officials and the City High basketball coaches.  FCSD is willing to provide any information that might be able to assist in an investigation. After the altercation involving players, Fairfield administrators decided that the teams should take a 5-minute break in the locker rooms to allow the coaches time to regroup and calm the players. Fairfield administrators safely escorted City High coaches and players to a locker room.  At this time, the City High coaches and administration decided it would be best to forfeit the game.  Following the decision to forfeit, FHS administration safely escorted City High coaches and players from the locker room to their bus.

Fairfield police were called at the end of the game to support the safety of all individuals. The police did not enter the building during this event. Fairfield Police stayed at the high school and were present when the City High team was boarding the bus, and an Iowa State Patrol trooper offered to follow the bus out of town and did so without incident.

Laurie Noll, FCSD Superintendent

Aiddy Phomvisay, FHS Principal

Jeff Courtright, Athletic Director