Fairfield Mayor Connie Boyer Declares March 16th As Iowa Honeybee Day

Fairfield Mayor Connie Boyer has proclaimed today, March 16th, as Iowa Honeybee day. Honeybees regularly pollinate a third of the food we consume and are vital for the production of over 90 crops across the nation. It is estimated that Iowa honeybees provide $92 million to the economic value of Iowa crops. In order to protect the state’s honeybees, the state has implemented the Apiary Program as a tool to help protect honeybees from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Mayor Boyer encourages citizens, residents, and visitors of Fairfield to join in observing this day and focusing on the importance of honeybees in our state economy, recognize the role that the honeybee has in maintaining our state’s environment, and assist in reducing the threats to the survival of the honeybee.