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Fairfield Fire Department To Conduct Intentional Burn Of Home This Saturday As Training Exercise

The Fairfield Fire Department will be conducting an intentional house burn this Saturday(Nov 9th) at 8am at a vacant home located at 50 South 8th Street in Fairfield. They will be conducting this training exercise with other departments in the County and surrounding communities. They expect to have the burn completed by early afternoon. Back in September Resident Shea Barber donated the home to the city to enable the Fire Department to get additional hands on training. Fairfield Fire Chief Scott Vaughn said that the DNR allows two controlled burns per year. Barber got the approval of nearby businesses and neighbors, as well as the City council. Gas and electricity at the property has been shut off for several months. Barber said that he hopes to redevelop the property and the City will not be responsible for the cleanup. Traffic from Broadway and 8th heading South will be blocked off as well as some of the near by alleys during the training. Contact the station at 1-641-472-9212 if you have any questions

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