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Fairfield City Offices Closed Indefinitely, No Contact Way To Pay Bills Available

Fairfield City offices are closed to the public until further notice starting Monday, November 16th.

No contact ways to pay your utility bill:

A convenient drop box in the alley on the Northside of City Hall building is available, your payment will go into a safe locked box.

You can also visit the City website , click on “Pay Bills” & and follow instructions to pay with a credit/debit card (additional processing charges will apply).

You may sign up for automatic payment from your check or savings account, the payment is withdrawn on your remittance date. You will need to provide us with a voided check or a letter from your bank on their letterhead stating the routing and account number, along with a signed form from our office. There is no additional processing charge for this service.

Meetings: At this time, public meetings will continue to be held as scheduled; however, masks will be required.

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