Fairfield City Council Votes 5-1 To Keep Mask Mandate In Place At Fairfield Park And Rec

The Fairfield City Council met in regular session on Monday night in the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Convention Hall to accommodate the crowd who showed up to express their opinions related to the current mask requirement at Fairfield park and rec. After hearing from both sides, the Council voted 5-1 in favor of keeping the mandate in place until it is lifted by the park and rec board. The Board intends to reconsider the mask policy once 50% of the County’s 65 and over population has been vaccinated. Numbers released Friday showed that number is currently around 25%. The board is hopeful the 50% threshold can be reached sometime in Early April.

Also at the meeting Council approved the South 32nd and North 4th Street resurfacing projects. City Engineer Melanie Carlson said the projects, both awarded to lone bidder Norris Asphalt of Ottumwa should come close to balancing out estimate wise, with the bid for South 32nd slightly over the estimate and North 4th slightly under. Carlson added that as a contingency, there are funds available from the Merrill and Carpenter project.   


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