Fairfield City Council to Hear from FCSD on Proposed New Middle School

The Fairfield City Council will meet tonight at 7 in regular session. Agenda Items include; Authorizing 2022 Tobacco Permits, Approval of liquor license for Everybody’s, Café Paradiso, Hideaway Pub and Proof 102. The Board will also have the 2nd reading of an ordinance amendment that would raise both solid waste and recycling rates. Prior to the full meeting, the Water and Utilities Committee will meet to discuss Jefferson County Water Connection and a B Street Water /tower Nuisance.

Fairfield Superintendent Laurie Noll will also address the City Council tonight to lay the groundwork on what could be a 34-Million-dollar ballot initiative to fund a new Fairfield Middle School. Knoll says the district has been working on the project since last March.  At this time the district is collecting the required signatures to have the bond issue placed on the ballot. Once a Middle School is constructed, the long range plan is to have a new Elementary School build at the same location, sharing some amenities and features like kitchen, gymnasium and other items.

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