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Fairfield City Council Approves Roundabout With South Junction Road Connected

At Monday’s city council meeting the council approved the design of the roundabout at the intersection of Highway 1 and Libertyville Road. The Iowa Department of Transportation has jurisdiction over Highway 1 and preliminarily approved two versions of the roundabout: one that connects South Junction Road with a new section of Libertyville Road, and one that does not connect South Junction Road. The council voted unanimously to approve the version that connects South Junction Road to minimize traffic in the residential neighborhood on South Court Street.

Shive-Hattery continues to coordinate utility relocations throughout the corridor, while JCG will begin to prepare compensation estimates and coordinate with the appraisers and review appraisers. Initial offers will be brought to the City Council prior to entering into negotiations. City staff are working through funding options and cash flow issues related to the project being pushed back a year, although they are expected to apply for additional SWAP funds for the project, which is slated to begin in 2023. The City was awarded $500,000 from the Transportation Safety Improvements Program that will assist with the project cost. This brings the City’s established funding to $4.8M of the approximately $6M project.

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