Dispute Resolved Between Brighton City Council And Fire Department

The dispute between Brighton City council and the city’s fire department was finally resolved Monday when the City Council voted on the final set of recommendations in the continuing debate over fire protection. Firefighters warned that if disputes are not settled by March 15th they would stop responding to emergency calls and turn the responsibility over to neighboring departments that have agreed to fill the void.

Council members voted to approve a new 28E agreement that would formalize the procedure for budget planning and advisory board participation, set deadlines for parties’ fire protection payments, and clarify what funds cover various fire-related expenses. It would accomplish this by creating a distinct 28E, with Brighton’s fire service providing protection for each township and city. A number of townships had requested a joint agreement that would give them more power collectively in conflicts. The council voted to designate Paul Shelangoski as its representative to the newly formed advisory board and to open a new sub account for the money it receives from their city’s local choice sales tax for fire station upkeep at least once annually. The money expected to be in this account is $2,000.