Dickey Expresses Concern Over Rising Property Assessments, Feels SF587 Would Provide Relief

Republican Adrian Dickey of Packwood representing Iowa Senate District 41 had some information on recently released property assessments coming out of the legislative session’s 12th week.

Dickey said “that the timing is actually great, as the Iowa Senate is discussing a bill on property tax relief because of rising assessments. There have been reported increases all around the state, with some assessments rising 13 percent. Property assessments, along with local levy rates, are the factors in determining one’s property taxes. Dickey added that Steep increases in value can have devastating property tax consequences for Iowans, adding “when assessments rise, property taxes increase, even if the levy rate stays the same.”

He feels that the bill, Senate File 587 would reduce the property tax burden by eliminating the property tax levy on mental health and shifting funding to the state level. He also said “it would mean over $100 million in reduced property taxes, but also ensures property tax relief in future years as the elimination of the levy would reduce the increase of property taxes when it happens.”

Dickey is the vice chair of the Transportation Committee, and also serves on the Ways & Means and Labor & Business Relations committees. District 41 encompasses Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, and Wapello Counties


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