Despite CDC Recommendations Reynolds Signs New Law Lifting Mask Mandate In Schools

Despite the CDC’s recent recommendation that school districts across the Country continue mask protocols at least through the end of this school year, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds on Thursday morning put into effect a new law that DOES NOT mandate masks to be worn by students and staff while at school. Fairfield Middle School Principal Laura Atwood said this means adults entering District buildings and attending events are no longer required to wear them either. Any child and staff member may still choose to wear their mask if they so prefer. 

Just this past Monday night the Fairfield Community School Board voted unanimously to keep the mandate in place for the remainder of their school year. The Board said prior to the meeting they were contacted by Jefferson County Public Health recommending the District continue their current mitigation practices. They also said only 0.1% of school aged children being vaccinated in the County played a role in their decision, a reason also cited by the CDC. 

The law signed by Reynolds, House File 847 into law, contains several components of the Governor’s Students First Act as well as provisions that prohibit K-12 schools from mandating masks as well as cities and counties from mandating masks in businesses. The bill passed the House by a 53-35 vote and passed the Senate by a 29-17 vote.

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