Covid Update From FCSD Nursing Staff

We want to express the thankful heart we have for all FCSD team members that have been working so hard and becoming flexible as we adapt to these unpredictable times. As members of the team and health care community we felt the need to take a moment to review some important considerations as absences will continue to pick up related to various illnesses. FCSD has done an over the top job at making sure our staff/students are safe while attending school. Our monitoring efforts in the building are being documented various times throughout the day. The school nurses have been keeping a log since school started in each building for students and employees related to COVID-19 illnesses, this allows us to look for trends or similarities of spread. We are confident in the efforts and documentation as well as Jefferson County Public Health has been appreciative of the efforts we have taken to flatten the curve of the community spread.

The increase in cases in our community are due to many factors such as increased availability for testing, and FCSD being proactive rather than reactive of our students and staff. The absent numbers may be higher as we are asking families to remain out in certain situations which include: Student/Employee if ANY household member is being tested, ALL of the household remains at home until results are received. ANY Student/Employee who tests positive ALL the household members remain at home. ANY Student/Employee if they have someone at home identified as a direct contact are encouraged to stay home.

The numbers are rising as families/staff are utilizing our flexibility on attendance rules and staying home when advised.
We have been taking the numbers by breaking them down into Isolation vs. Quarantine. It’s important to pay attention to
the active positive and/or new positives rather than Quarantine/Isolation numbers.


Student/Staff that is identified as a close contact


Someone else in household has been identified as positive


Member of household is testing then the rest of household quarantines until result received


Student/Staff has been diagnosed with COVID-19


Student/Staff is waiting for their own test result


Student/Staff has symptoms of COVID-19 but has not been tested/exposed to their knowledge

We have had some students that have chosen to Isolate themselves if they have symptoms of COVID-19, and family has declined testing they have then chosen to take the required quarantine guidance from public health. While we are not able to report names of families impacted the increase in numbers is mostly due to one person testing and the whole household is following the recommendation to be cautious and remain at home. We expect absences to rise, however, with our current mitigation strategies that have been in place have been successful thus far and will
continue to be effective moving forward.

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