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Council Hears Presentation On Hwy 1 Improvement Project

On Monday night the Fairfield City Council heard a presentation from Shive-Hattery regarding the Highway 1 widening and intersection improvement project. The presentation reviewed Shive-Hattery’s recommendations for the corridor and the data supporting that recommendation. Nate Hardisty of Shive-Hattery suggested that a roundabout be put in place. The suggestion of the roundabout came after reviewing a 300 page traffic study including traffic counting during peak hours which is right around 5pm. The existing road including shoulders is 66 feet wide and will be moved out to 80 feet, an additional 7 on each side. There will also be a sidewalk on each side. The sidewalk on the west will be smaller in width than the one on the east as they feel that side has a higher pedestrian and bicycle volume, as well as businesses and housing on that side alsol. Hardisty recommended that there be communication to the public as well, suggesting some sort of public education pertaining to roundabouts.

The Council will vote on a resolution of support at the October 28th Council Meeting.  

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