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City To Amend Ordinance That Will Allow Overnight Parking For Downtown Residents

The Fairfield City Council voted unanimously to amend an ordinance that will allow overnight parking for people who live downtown. Several nearby Cities all allow overnight parking in their downtowns, except for during snow removal and street sweeping. With more people residing in second- floor apartments in Fairfield’s downtown, and the year-round parking ban from 2:00am – 6:00am, it has created a hardship for downtown residents. The Public Safety and Transportation Committee and City staff met and discussed the details of how residents will be made aware of times they’re not allowed to park overnight, with announcements made on the radio or the city’s website and Facebook page. The amended city ordinance is expected to allow overnight parking in Fairfield’s downtown area, except for during snow emergencies and street cleaning. The ordinances first reading will be brought before the council at their next meeting Monday December 16th.

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