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City Of Fairfield Awarded Up To $1M To Replace Crow Creek Bridge

Recently the City of Fairfield took ownership of the Burlington Avenue bridge over Crow Creek from Jefferson County to better position the community for grant funding. The strategy was successful as the Iowa D.O.T notified the City last week of the award for 100% of the construction cost to replace the bridge, up to $1 million.

The bridge, which was constructed in 1954 and now includes a trail underpass, is nearing its life expectancy and is showing visible signs of deterioration, which actually is beneficial when City Bridge program scoring is conducted.

The estimated project cost is $1.3 Million, with the County contributing $150,000 from funds they received when they took ownership of the bridge from the D.O.T. The City will fund the remainder of the approximate $150K.

The project will include lengthening and slightly raising the bridge to meet current design standards and to better accommodate the trail. Construction will occur in Spring of 2022 at the earliest.

The City Council is expected to act on accepting the funds at their next meeting, this coming Monday. 

(Photo Courtesy Of Stephen Pedrick)

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