City Announces Street Project, Code Amendments To R-5 Zone

The Fairfield Streets Department announced this week that one of the upcoming 2021 projects will involve the reconstruction of 400 feet of West Merrill Avenue, including crosswalk upgrades at the intersection of HWY 1 and North 4th Street. The curb cuts will be made on the pedestrian island to provide smoother access for pedestrians, cyclists, and other wheeled transportation. The City is expected to announce sometime in the near future when construction is officially set to begin. We will provide that information when made available. 

In other City news, the Fairfield City Council has decided to make some changes to the R-5 High Density Residence District in an effort to further stimulate new housing development. Lot sizes in that area are smaller than most residential city lots, as a result smaller width homes will be allowed within the zone. Furthermore, duplexes will be allowed on single lots, triplexes on 1 1/2 lots, and quadruplexes on double lots. A link to the proposed code amendments can be found below…/7413/Ord-___-R-5


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