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Chase Reaching Speeds Of Over 100 M.P.H In Jefferson County Leads To Ottumwa Woman’s Arrest

A Multi County high speed pursuit took place this past Saturday morning including parts of Jefferson County and Fairfield. The incident began when a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy fueling his patrol truck in Batavia noticed a Cadillac with license plates corresponding to a BMW, which the deputy found suspicious. A traffic stop was attempted before the vehicle sped off East bound on Highway 34.

As the subject approached Fairfield they attempted to exit 34, but came across a roadblock set by Fairfield Police, upon seeing this the vehicle returned to 34 attaining speeds greatly in excess of 100mph even becoming airborne at times. The chase was eventually brought to a stop in Henry County, without injury to any party, after the effective use of “stop sticks.”

Taken into custody was Barbara Kellar of Ottumwa as well as her unidentified passenger.

A search warrant was executed resulting in the seizure of numerous controlled substances including approximately 2 oz of meth, as well as paraphernalia and indication of trafficking activity.

Kellar faces charges of Possession with Intent to Deliver Meth greater than 5 grams, felony eluding, and numerous traffic and controlled substance related charges. 

Agencies involved in this pursuit included the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, the Fairfield Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, and the Department of Transportation.

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