Car Crashes Into McElhinny House

The McElhinny House in Fairfield was struck by a car on Saturday which resulted in a gas leak, fortunately the resident was able to escape safely.

According to the official report, Since December 2021, Norma Bauman has been McElhinny House’s house manager. She claims that at 6:15 a.m., she was awoken by personnel of the Fairfield Fire Department and Fairfield Police Department who told her that she needed to leave the residence because the gas line had been cut. 

The police told her that at two in the morning, a person had accidentally shattered the gas meter in the southwest corner of the home sufficiently enough to let gas into the house. Police informed Bauman that the individual did not disclose his crash into the building until six in the morning. The man may not have been charged with any crimes, according to Bauman, and as of Monday morning, the Fairfield Police Department had not released any information regarding the event.

According to Bauman, she was grateful to be alive. After arriving on the scene, representatives of Alliant Energy changed the gas meter.