Bovard Studio’s Hoping County Can Provide Relief As They Look To Expand

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met in a regular session on Monday morning where a discussion took place between the Board and Ron Bovard regarding a Development Agreement between the County and Bovard Studio’s. Bovard is looking to expand by adding a 12K sq ft frame shop onto his existing business at a construction cost of around $900K. At times in the past few years, he has considered the expansion however property taxes remained the most significant hurdle. He was hoping that the County could provide some of that relief by abating what would amount to be around ¼ of the annual property tax amount. Bovard said when he considered expansion in the recent past of a structure around 10K sq ft that the tax would be around $10K annually.  

He said that although 2020 was a bit rocky as it was for many local businesses, they were able to  maintain full employment and if the expansion were to come to fruition it would provide additional job’s locally. He added that as part of their production capacity that they intend to buy local thus keeping more money in the community. Supervisor Dee Sandquist said that the Board needs to adopt a Property tax abatement policy that is more strategic.

Supervisor Daryn Hamilton informed Bovard, that the remaining 75% or so that he is seeking relief is spread out over several other entities such as Schools’, Hospitals and trustees of the townships. Hamilton said that he must contact them individually to initiate that request and County assistance in the past such as development agreements with commercial properties was done over a 3 year span as opposed to the 5 that Bovard is currently or initially was hoping for. 

The Board is going to work on establishing a process providing more clarity for requests such as this and will provide feedback in the near future. If all goes accordingly, Bovard hopes to have the new facility up and going by this coming June. 

(Photo From Previous Meeting)

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