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Board Sees Progress On Nuisance Properties, Nearly $7K Distributed To Assist Local Families With Utility Relief

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met in a regular session on Monday morning where Supervisor Dee Sandquist spoke about a recent meeting she had with Pathfinders, noting that the coronavirus Utility relief fund that was in collaboration with the Greater Jefferson County Foundation assisted 25 families in Davis County and 18 here in Jefferson County. Although those funds have been exhausted, Sandquist said that the total amount distributed came to approximately $6,700.

When looking at the difficulties other County Auditors offices have incurred, the Board commended our Auditor’s office on a job well done during the general election. The board is expected to canvass the election Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.

The Board has also seen movement on Nuisance properties, including significant progress on a property off Indigo Blvd just outside of Libertyville. Assistant County Attorney Pat McAvan said that there are a couple more that will be filed in the coming weeks. 

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