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Bloomfield Woman Accused Of Shooting At Husband, Attempting To Depart Home With Small Arsenal

A Bloomfield woman is facing charges after allegedly shooting at her husband following a domestic dispute in Wapello County. 47-year-old Jenny Buechler of Bloomfield faces charges of reckless use of a firearm, a simple misdemeanor, and domestic abuse with intent to inflict serious injury, an aggravated misdemeanor.

Deputies responding to the report at a residence on 100th Ave came into contact with the husband at a nearby fueling station where he claimed his wife was intoxicated and fired at him with a .38 caliber weapon. He also mentioned she intended to depart the property with a small arsenal of firearms. 

Upon arrival at the couple’s home, Deputies say Buechler demonstrated slurred speech, bloodshot/watery eyes, and impaired balance. The deputy described her mood as “rage and uncooperative.” When questioned about the shooting she claimed to have fired the rounds in the air while the husband was walking away from the home.

Court documents say the husband played a recording of the incident from his cell phone for the deputy that contradicted his wife’s claim. As for the small arsenal the husband mentioned, around 15-20 guns were found in the vehicle she was intending to drive.

Buechler was taken into custody and transported to the Wapello County Jail, where she was also issued a no-contact order.

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