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After Dialogue With Reynolds, Washington County Will Receive Vaccine Allocation

Washington County who reported 11 new Covid cases on Tuesday will receive their weekly vaccine allocation on Friday after their Public Health Department had a discussion with Iowa governor Kim Reynolds. On Monday, Public Health Director Kelly Garcia said 5 counties including Washington, did not meet vaccine allocation requirements and would not receive this week’s shipment.

Counties are required to distribute 80% of their allotted COVID-19 vaccines each week according to their population size. If they do not administer 80% of vaccines, the county will not receive their next week’s allocation.

2 other Counties will also now be distributed their allocation. Complaints to the State have ranged from miscalculations on the States end to the dangerous weather leading to some not being able to make their appointments.

Other cases from Counties in our listening area Tuesday include Wapello with 18, Henry and Van Buren with 4 each, Jefferson 3, Davis 2 and Keokuk 1. 

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